20 April 2006


I live right next to a H&M store and look what I found there today - lots of birds! it seems like I´m not the only one with a soft spot for birds - visit A Bird in the Hand!

At H&M´s website they have a dressing room where you can try out new outfits on a model your size and shape. I thought I should try a new style since a girl in a Diesel store refered to me as "en dame"- a lady, yesterday... For the new style I deliberately tried to pick clothes that wasn´t flattering for my figure... but I ended up liking the waistcoat. It´s great fun and a the 3D is well done. Which do you prefer?




I found your blog thru sabine's blog. You have a lovely blog, and those birds at H&M?? so cool!


Jessica said...

Great Blog, I love your birdy images. I am going to go this weekend and check it out ASAP