09 October 2006

listen -spc

I needed a perfect birthday gift for a perfect friend, and decided to give her one of Camilla Engman´s delicate prints named Listen. I also gave myself the same print as a reminder of one of my imperfections! It´s not that I don´t listen - I just sometimes forget to answer out loud - especially to my close ones - in my head I answer them and then I just continue with my own doings. I know I´ve upset quite a few people over the years with this habit of mine - please excuse me - and know that I´m working on it! It feels great to have one of Camilla´s pieces in my home - since her blog and her great collection of links were my introduction to this great universe of crafty and creative bloggers. Make sure to explore her homepage!


Bedazzzled1 said...

Oh, I enjoyed this very much. You sound a bit like my hubby who is listening to me, but he doesn't always remark.

The print is precious. Makes it even nicer that you and your friend now have the same one.

Love the black and white photo!

Deb R said...

My husband does that and it drives me nuts. At least you recognize it and you're trying.

I like the photo and the print.

Jeremy Stockwell said...

Great photo of yourself. Well done!

falwyn said...

love the repetition (the ear and blur in the two pics). Thanks for pointing us to the site -- I'm loving Camille's stuff.

Zoe said...

I do that too, answer people in my head. It's usually a pretty full response too but when the person says "did you hear me?" I reply "YES!" and my full response is forgotten.

great shot and love the camilla pic!