19 February 2007

Mermaid missing

Yesterday and today is Fastelavn - Carnaval time in DK. Nanna made these decorated branches at the day nursery, and children are meant to wake up their parents sunday morning, by hitting the branches on the bed - well we forgot and she didn´t know! But what she knew already a month ago - was that she wanted to be dressed up as Ariel for Carnaval. I borrowed a wonderful mermaid costume for her, and today she left for the big dress-up party - in her normal clothes without even trying the costume... Well - I had seen it coming and know I was lucky last year when she had a favorite leopard sweater and I managed to smear a little long-lasting lipstick on her nose which lasted for almost 2 days!

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I saw the carnival on the TV here. They're fabulous! We have one parade coming up too in singapore.