05 December 2007

Hello world!

Just had to share this little piece from my Site Meter statistics - It´s been a very international day here at Spagat´s blog. I love to see where my readers are from and how they found me - and to me this is the true power and joy of blogging - communicating with people all over the world, and meeting people who share your taste and passions. Welcome!
If you don´t have a stats on your blog already - I recommend you get one - it´s really interesting to keep track of your blog.


Billy said...


I read you via Google Reader, so I guess I don´t show up in your stats. :) But I´m one of your keen readers too!


Jessica L. said...

Hey, where is Sri Lanka? I read you practically everyday (I have a lot of time).

I love google analytics -- it is so fascinating. I started my blog for friends and family, but I have readers beyond that circle and it is so interesting to see where they are. Plus, it is good to know because I was originally writing for people who knew me, but now I realize I have to give some background occasionally.

Thanks for your blog. I love the beautiful things you write about.