22 May 2008


I´m a citygirl - but for the last 3 weeks now we have been staying in our summerhouse due to the water leak in our apartment - and 2 nights ago we experienced some full-on-countryside -action! The area around the summerhouse is full of deer - and right now they have little Bambi-fawns. I have always wanted to see a fawn - so when we suddenly saw 2 deers and a tiny fawn outside the house I couldn´t believe my luck - I lifted my daughter up to show her the bambi - a true Kodak-moment! - and then seconds after the deers went nuts and started screaming/barking and tried to attack a huge fox that came out of nowhere and grabbed the fawn, standing between it´s mothers legs - and ran of with it - OMG!!!! - it was like something from National Geographics and the screams from the mother and the other deer was just so heartbreaking! We could hear them calling/barking for hours afterwards and so for the last 2 evenings I´ve been sneaking around the area like some kind of Pochahontas in search of the fawn! I haven´t found it yet - but saw a huge badger while searching - and I think our trip to Copenhagen this weekend will do me good - since Country living is too action packed right now!

To get the experience out of my system I created this collage yesterday - using images from Etsy - I hope the sellers don´t mind and their products are great so have a look here.
Fox by John W Golden, Fawn by Anomaly Jewelry, Victorian deer lady by therunnybunny.

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