02 July 2008

Cool Girl Inspiration

Here´s my mood board for the Super Girl I´m about to create for the Grib.2 challenge. The target group is girls from 4-6 years and so far she is strong like Pippi - saves the world like Barbapapa - and is as cool as Lauren Childs figures - and she can see colours not visible to the human eye. The world needs a new and fresh superhero - so dear readers please leave a comment and tell me what qualities, superpowers and gadgets my little hero should have!

1 comment:

Anairam said...

1. Can fly
2. Change the colour of her outfit at will - a bit like a chameleon
3. Can hear the cookie jar open (or sweetie papers rustle) at a distance of approx. 3.6859 kilometres
4. Can make the saddest person smile
5. BLow bubbles through her ears.

Mmmm, that's all I can think of for now (these are all things I wanted to be able to do when I was 6!)