11 October 2008


I was tagged recently by Sia - so here are my 11 answers and 11 photos from my home which tell you a little more - I tried to focus on the pink parts in our home but ran out of pink stuff in the end....
I´m having a small holiday next week - so feel free to grab the tag from here if you want to join the fun - and please leave a comment if you do!
1. Clothes shop - Magasin - a Danish department store - with long opening hours and a mix of different brands.
2. Furniture shop – Ikea, Bolia, Moebelbasen.dk
3. Sweet - Italian Vanilla Ice cream or milk chocholate - but I prefer salty stuff like chips and nuts.
4. City – Aarhus- where I live. Berlin, Barcelona and Bangkok- all places I like to go to.
5. Drink – water, weissbier, tons of tea, Moscow Mule or Mojitos.
6. Music – lots of old stuff currently since we are going all digital and are transfering all our cd´s to Itunes and Ipods - but I enjoyed relistening to Lisa Ekdahl, The The, Kent + Massive Attack.
7. TV Series – Dr. House, Grey´s Anatomy, Desperate Housewifes
8. Film – The Piano, Il Postino, The Mole.
9. Workout - yoga, biking around town and running in the weekends.
10. Pastries - Rosenbrød or cookies.
11. Coffee – I really prefer tea - and an espresso now and then if I know it´s made well.

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