16 November 2008

Visit to Aros

Today we finally got to visit our local art museum and to say hello to our painting! It´s was in great company and hung just opposite the Ferguson tractor made entirely from cardboard - so I´m sure it´s having a great time - while we miss it! Can you spot it?

There was a lot of cool stuff going on right now at Aros - and I really fell in love with the colours on this huge tiled floor... you should really go and have a look at it all yourself!
Sorry for spamming you if you read my blog through rrs-feeds - I´m still learning to post directly from my "new" mobile to my blog - and it´s not quite working yet...
P.s feet belongs to my daughter and my Mr.K

1 comment:

Munted kowhai said...

ooo I love that floor too! It is like walking on grandma's quilt!