23 January 2009

Studio in January

Here´s what the studio looks like in January- our calender is slowly getting filled with new projects and places to go. There´s also been a constant flow of fresh flowers both here and in my home after I announced my marriage :) So nice!

And Line has left the building for the next days - and taken all her paintings with her to the Art Fair this weekend in Århus - so it feels very empty in the studio. But on my blog things are happening - for the first time in my 3 years of blogging I now have more Danish readers than international readers - thanks to a nice mentioning of my blog in the new issue og Boligliv. Thank you.

Velkommen til nye danske læsere - jeg håber I bliver hængende lidt, får lyst til at vende tilbage og opdager en vidunderlig og inspirerende verden via de mange links.

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tavelhus said...

Fina bilder!