22 April 2009

be yourself

I´m back after a wonderful trip to Italy - and in my mailbox I found these inspiring words from Ladies Who Launch - which I feel like sharing with you.

One of my new favorite quotes is “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken”, by Oscar Wilde. What I like most about this is that it clearly states the importance of authenticity, of being true to yourself, which is important in your business and in your personal interactions as well. It’s so easy to spot those who are forcing themselves into a mold or a role in which they clearly do not fit. When you take the time to examine and realize your own strengths and the value you bring, you can be yourself and the people around you will be drawn to you. In today’s impersonal world, isn’t it refreshing when you meet someone who knows who they are, is confident in the value they bring, and illustrates it regularly? Take the time to find out your strengths, determine the full value that you bring, and then share it!
By Jennifer Covello.

I also made a desktop picture with the quote and my photo - which you can download here. Enjoy


Henriette said...

First of all, I like your owl, a very cute animal and this one with wonderful colours too. :-)

The quote couldn't be more accurate, so maybe I should remember it some more.

Trine said...

Det var lige hvad jeg trængte til idag! Linker lige til dig på min blog, ikk! (Er det ok at jeg bruger billedet?)
Kh Trine

Sidsel_._ said...

Brug bare løs - så længe du linker og nyder det!

Tizzalicious said...

I love that quote!

jennifer lorton said...

I now have it as my desktop photo, thank you. That is one of my favortie quotes too.