04 August 2006

Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck is an amazing artist - and we are lucky to have his Boy sculpture at the Aros Art museum here in Århus. Some of his amazing photorealistic sculptures are part of a major exhibition at the National Gallery of Scotland right now. See photos on the NGS site, Google; or read a good article on his process. And have a lovely weekend.
I´ll be back on monday! Nanna has pneumonia and I have loads of design work to take care off also...


Jessica said...

Ia m soooo glad you posted about Ron Mueck, i fell in love with his work when I went to the Saatchi Gallery for the first time in London.

I am excited to say that this show will be coming to Brooklyn/NYC and I can go see it, I will give you an update as to how it is.


oh dear, I hope nanna gets well soon. Take care.