26 June 2007

A fun project - Grib

The subject/challenge that was given to me was this vulture and some red velvet.

The cowboy theme that popped up in my head

My scrapbook with results of my internet research on vultures and cowboys

My final piece - a cowboy-themed photoshop collage,
Seeze Hope - and sew your own Cowboy hat!

I would like to introduce this fun project I´m part of right now named Grib! which means Catch! It´s a local project based here in Århus - and it´s inspired by this project. It all started last september when I met the talented photographer Ida Schmidt and we started talking about our freelance lives and all the clever freelancers/designers/photographers we knew here in Århus. To make a long story short - we invited 6 persons/studios to take part, and each got a wildcard - so that we would enlarge our network and end up beeing 12. The project is now up and running , with a great group of people, a blog and a book that circulates around town. The rules are simple, in 2 weeks create a visual piece inspired by a subject given to you - show your sketches/workprocess and the final result - and pass on a challenge/subject for the next person. The book must be delivered in person - over a coffee or beer together with the person you deliver it to. The blog is in Danish - but I hope you will enjoy it just the same, and may be inspired to create something similar in your own city.

You can see my workprocess above; I was inspired by Duane Hansson, Lucky Luke, Etsy, Misprinted type, Vinnie the Vulture and I couldn´t resist buying this retro cowboy-hat pattern on Etsy.

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