20 June 2007

Hay fever Zombie

It´s oh so pretty outside with green gras and red poppies - but I´m still suffering from Hay fever and feel like a Zombie for the second week in a row. I cured myself from hayfever 5 years ago by changing my diet - so maybe this is my body telling me to detox - or nature telling us that something is wrong when the amount of pollen is so high this year. I´m so happy to be going to Vietnam in 2 weeks - no pollen and great detox food!
Poppyfield near Copenhagen shot while driving by.


Brian C. Howard said...

It seems worsening hay fever is another result of global warming:

Ionto said...

Nice photo. But just looking at it makes my sinuses fill up...

Seasons are probably later in Scandinavia than in southern Europe, so you can be thankful that you haven't had hayfever for so long. I started late March this year!

Enjoy Vietnam!