25 October 2007

Designer Sans Frontières

While drinking my coffee this morning I was reading this article - about me! I´m this weeks inspiring person in Alt For Damerne - one of the biggest magazines in DK - and it´s a full-page picture!- where I look a little tired... - and as you can see it´s about the breast cancer design - and about how I started my business 2 years ago. The title is Designer Sans Frontières - because I talk about how important it is to me to have time and money to make projects like this - and being an idealist - and saying that if there was an organisation like Médecins Sans Frontières for designers - I would have joined it already. I´ll translate the full article in English later - but now I have to work - so go out there and get your own copy! My cup is from Seletti´s Estetico Quotidiano collection.


vonblum said...

congratulations! It is a fantastic print I still cant console myself for not having one :)

Hanne said...

Jeg er bare saa stolt. Sendte straks MM ned i kiosken for at hente et eksemplar...!
Mange efteraarsknus fra alpelandet!


oh yes sidsel, you are an inspiration. I truly admire what you do. Hope to see more of your work. :)
That article is so awesome, I'm sure Nana is very proud of you. If that magazine was here, I'd buy it in an instant! :) Congratulations!