16 April 2008

Back again

We are back after a perfect trip - with lots of tasty food - and it´s so hard to start cooking again after a holiday in Italy - because everything here seems so bland. Why can´t I have Antipasto misto del mare everyday for lunch or a bruschetta con melanzane? And why is it raining all day here? - when the sun is already out and hot in Italy - and why don´t we have lemontrees and the sweet smell of almond trees here? I have lived in Italy when I was younger - and I´m not sure I could live there again - but I would really like to incorporate a few Italian things into my daily life in Denmark - but Berlosconi is surely not on that list - I just can´t believe his back again.
Tomorrow is holiday here - so this was a short week - I´ll post some holiday shots later.

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