29 October 2008

Pink Poladroid

Ohhh I´m in love with Poladroid - it´s a polaroid image maker - and look what magic it did to my photo of some dried "Beach Cabbage" (not sure if it´s the right word in english).

1. Download the free POLADROID application and launch it. (works only on Mac´s so far)
2. Drag & Drop your photos (in RGB)
3. Wait... wait.... wait again... or shake the picture.
Then look at or print your POLADROID picture - and post it on your blog or at the Poladroid Flickr-group.
Seen via Swissmiss


Marta said...

Hi there!!!
First of all I love your blog!!!
Really inspiring stuff.
I was looking for this photo shop Polaroid plug- in but I couldn't found it.
Could I please ask you for a link???

Sidsel_._ said...

Hi Marta

thank you - I´ve put in the right link now - enjoy!

Jeanette Lunde said...

Just love this. Thank you for sharing!
Love your blog.

Simone said...

Ohhh...like it! Love your picture!

Henriette Weber said...

this is awesome - I will post it on the eeze.dk blog this afternoon together with other stuff - thank you Sidsel for sharing this =)

Marta said...

WOW!!! I love that application !
So much fun, and I love the unpredicted effects!!!
I will post my polaroid achievements on my blog in a couple of days !!!

Thank you again!!!