11 December 2008

Handmade Holiday decorations

I´m todays guest at Bloesem - where I´ve written a small post and how-to guide about my handmade holiday decorations this year. I was inspired by some capice shells I had bought in Asia – but I think you can get hold of them almost everywhere – and I tried to transfer some of my photos and prints onto them – and really liked the combination of the delicate shell and the graphic prints. You can read more here.


kirsten said...

this is so incredibly beautiful!
[i have done b&w photocopy transfers before but using acetone as the medium.]
i love your idea and will definitely give it ago.
stunning and thank you for sharing.

Anairam said...

These decorations are stunning - and thanks for the tutorial! I've seen the shells here (South Africa) in window hangings and chandeliers, but not for sale singly. What a pity, because I would really have loved to try that out!

Sidsel_._ said...

I actually used a small shell mobile for the project - maybe you can find something similar.

fourcrows said...

I saw your blog over on bloesem and had to come over...it's just beautiful! I hope you don't mind, but I'll probably be back...A LOT! :):)

Have a great evening!

Jeanette Lunde said...

Disse er helt fantastisk fine! Dette må prøves Ü

Raluca C said...

exquisite and stylish Juledekoration!Tillykke!I´m really impressed.I just discovered your blog yesterday and now I´m back again!Sound like ''addiction'' already!!Og,by the way,jeg elsker din ugle collection!
Best of wishes!