26 May 2009

l´affiche moderne

I get so happy when I see clever illustrations for children and the young at heart! - like these above from the French company L´affiche Moderne by illustrator Sigrid Martinez and Marion Billet.

And I´m also happy to welcome new Norwegian readers on my blog - after my blog got mentioned in the Norwegian magazine ROM123 (while I was off-line this weekend in our summerhouse).
I´m half Norwegian and have spent many summer and winter holidays in Norway as a child - so "Hei Norge!"

And if one of my Norwegian readers wish to make a magazine swap with this issue of Rom123 and a Danish magazine - please let me know.


Puur Anders said...

it is really cute!

And congratulations with the publication in the magazine!

Laetitia said...

j'aime énormément cette affiche avec l'alphabet trés jolie... very nice!!!!