01 May 2009

positive wall

I´m signing off for the weekend with this wonderful positive wall - as a reminder to myself that it´s a positive thing that I had to cancel my trip to Amsterdam this weekend due to lots of work and deadlines in my designstudio - at least my bank will be happy. It´s designed by a dutch graphic designer Maartje Kuiper for an Dutch interior exhibition, where VT Wonen covered a wall in positive quotes.

I found it on one of my new favorite blogs, By Nelle, by Nelleke Vermeulen a dutch fashion stylist and artist. Pay her a visit and have a great weekend!


Puur Anders said...

Love this wall!

Caroline Sleijffers said...

I'm from Holland and have been to the show. If you sent me your email address I can forward some photo's. It was really nice and inspired many visitors.

Daniel D. said...

I love this wallpaper as well... do you know, where you can buy here stuff (ideally via internet)?

thanx and happy weekend

Sharon said...

I LOVE this wallpaper! But the problem is I am Australian, and I cannot find a site that tells me in English where I could possibly get some from? Maartje's site says it will translate, but it doesn't seem to work for me! Any ideas??
Cheers, Sharon

Anonymous said...

I am in Australia and would love to know where I can purchase this wallpaper online? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Warm regards,