13 November 2009

All Is Well

Hello again and thanks for all your sweet comments - I´m happy to tell you that I´m now slowly getting back to normal - I´ve finished my treatment, I can type, I can spend time in front of my screen, I even went to a Magazine Design Conference - and the fatigue and headache has gone. I´m still tired and have given myself one more week to recover completely before I start working again - knowing that when I start working my clients will keep me busy right untill our Christmas Holidays (I´m already dreaming of beach-life and Thai-food).

The All Is Well design above can be downloaded here - it´s based on my wedding-pattern and one of my favorite affirmations from Louise Hay´s book You can Heal your Life.
Take care and have a healing and cozy weekend!


Ulla V. said...

Godt at læse. :))
Rigtig god weekend...

HanneC said...

Åh, det var godt at høre, Sidsel.