24 November 2009

Snow berrries

I just noticed that I haven´t posted any of my own photos for ages - only other peoples work - which is quite strange since I started this blog as a place to share both photos, ideas and inspiration. I think it´s due to the Borrelia infection which I blame for a lot of other things too - like why I haven´t written thank-you-cards to friends and family after our wedding, and why I haven´t done any exercise before our Bikini-holiday in 3 weeks time.... So next time I stop taking photos for a longer period of time - I just might as well go to the doctor a.s.a.p because it means I´m not well... But I´m fine now - eventhough this is an old photo.


purple area said...

Its a great photo, so beautiful!

Meyer-Lavigne said...

Thank you for the sweet words about our new plates. But it is you who needs the sweet words. Hope you are doing well. Poor you......good thoughts from Sabine and Kristine.