10 December 2009

Cop15 - from a graphic point of view

Untill the 18th of December COP15 is taking place in Copenhagen - so let us hope The United Nations Climate Conference will result in a global agreement to protect the Earth.

Looking at it all through my graphic design eyes - I like the blue COP15 logo - eventhough the one to the right was my favorite when I first saw the other winners last year. But I have no idea why a professional jury selected the last 2.prize logo - since it´s everything a logo shouldn´t be - maybe they just wanted an icebear! Anyway I always like to see the runner ups in such logo competitions.

My small contribution to COP15 was to design this magazine about Danish and Greenlandic climate research for a client - I always end up reading the articles while I design because I like science and love Greenland - and if you wish to read about The Melting Ice you can do it here and in Danish here, Isen smelter.

And if you are confused and don´t know what to think about the whole climate debate here´s a wonderful Climate Change visualization from Informationisbeautiful.

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