03 December 2009

Fashion Note to myself

Just a note to myself! I´m  clearing the clutter in my closet - and here are some new looks I would like to add. Especially the knit vest with multi-colored sequin detalils by Vanessa Bruno Athé, via YouHeShe, which would be perfect to wear in my studio.

I´m wondering though what the outfits will look like with 2 normal sized legs sticking out instead!?


Betsey said...

Jeg synes, jeg har lagt mærke til, at du er ligeså meget inde hos YouHeShe, som jeg er, LOL. Vanessa Bruno laver nogle fede ting... og den strik kunne jeg bo i!

Sidsel_._ said...
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Laav said...

Cool clothes - my favorite brand has closed in Denmark - http://www.didi-fashion.com/ ... and I can not see it can be purchased online - thanks for some great tips.
Regarding the normal leg - drop by a new website I have launched together with a customer - www.10minstyling.com -:) - she helps so normal legs will look like a million:)