21 June 2006

a little luck

What comes around goes around - lost my bikes but look what I got 2 days ago - a bunch of pretty letters from a Helly Hansen store that was closing down. I didn´t have time to wait for the guy to unscrew the last 2 letters, so I have H E L L Y H A N S , and I´m playing that lovely game now, where you try to create new words out of a word. Please play along with me, and no! - SAY HELL is no good, since I plan to put them up in my new studio, which I´ll share with you soon...


shannon said...

WHAT A SCORE! I am very jealous. You can spell out 'Shannon' if you like!!

sabine said...

Lucky you, just love old letters! Thanks so much for your lovely letter, and have a beautiful trip to Thailand!

LeS said...

shall yen.
yell hans.
nelly san.

hmmm. look forward to your Thailand photos :)

Anette Nielsen said...

Nelly Shah - Shah Nelly
Elnah Syhl
Hashy Nell
Nelly Hash
Ashen Hyll
Henys Hall

and best of all, I think, if you can manage to find an apostrophe:

Y's Hen Hall :-)

HÃ¥ber du har en god ferie ;-)