13 June 2006

white - monday and color week

These delicate porcelain cups are made by Sidney based Nicole Lister. I just love them and the story behind how they ended in my home. Here goes... many years ago when I was living in Florence I went to Grece on a holiday on my own and met Grant, a very sympatic Australian guy - also travelling on his own. We spend a few days together cruising around Korfu - had a great time and became friends. We wrote real letters to each other for some years afterwards and then lost contact. Then 5 years ago before going to Sidney on a holiday, I googled him and found his name on some photo credits on Nicole´s website and wrote to ask her if she knew him and could give me his adress, because I thought he might be my lost friend. Her answer came straight away - indeed she could help - because it was her brother... I then met with Grant and his family in Sidney, where he delivered these lovely cups to me that I had fallen in love with on her website... Then 3 years ago I finally met Nicole in person, when she was in Denmark doing a summercourse here and travelling with her husband. The world is truely small and full of lovely people...
p.s in the meantime both Grant and I had become graphic designers and web designers :)

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