23 March 2007

Birthday girl nr. 2

Sorry for this unintended blog break - but my little girl has has just turned 3 and have started Kindergarten this week - so we´ve been busy! Inspired by Auntie Cookies vintage buntings I made my own paper buntings for her birthday since I don´t have a lot of vintage fabric laying around - but I do have a lot of great wrapping paper. The balloons with numbers are from Dublin - and yes we had a great time celebrating Skt Patricks Day and my B-day.


Anonymous said...

an easy way to collect old material is to keep your men (father, brother,husband ...)old shirts you can make quite a lot of flagc with back and fronts .

Kristina said...

Tillykke med de 3 år til den lille!
Min datter - Lupina - bliver 3 i Maj og skal i Børnehave til Juni. Det bliver en sjov og anderledes tid ;o)
Flotte flag forresten, jeg genkender lidt Rice papir... ;o)

shannon said...

I like your flags, hey look great! Im actually running out of vintage fabrics and use a lot of new - or as I say ' vintage inspired ' fabrics mixed with the old.

Happy birthday little 3 year old!


ah your daughter looks just like when you were little. :) Happy belated birthday to the little one! Great work on the buntings!