06 March 2007

Seahorse Softie

When I started this blog - exactly a year ago today! I meant to be posting some of my craft projects here - but sometimes things doesn´t turn out as planned - and so the last year has been very busy and very little crafty. But I used to be crafty and I will be again - and in the meantime I´ve just submitted this Seahorse for The Softie Award. I made this for Nanna 2 years ago. It´s is the second of two and so far the only softies I´ve ever made. I just cut the pattern looking at a seahorse and used a fleece blanket that was laying around. I love seahorses - and this one is really nice to wrap around your shoulders. Now Nanna also uses it to ride on - in true mermaid fashion. Find inspiration for future softie projects here at this amazing Flickr-pool.


Kristina said...

Tillykke med 1 års dagen!
Og hvor er den bare fed - din søhest ;o)

Jessica said...

I wish you the best of luck an i hope you win! I think you definitely deserve it!

merleau said...

happy birthday
you are my favorite web-site
i look at your new page as soon i can , it gives me a lot of pleasure
amicalement (french 52 years old fan)
marie-christine de blois 41000-f