28 September 2007

Breast Cancer T-shirts for sale

The Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirt 2007 - will hit the shops here in Denmark this sunday. A lot of people from outside DK have asked how to get hold of it and I´m thinking that the easiest way is if I go shopping on Sunday and buy a small stock and then sell them through my Etsy-shop.

So if you would like to order a T-shirt please leave a comment or email me your name and adress, size and which colour you prefer - preferably before Sunday 30th of September.

The price is $ 20. per T-shirt - 50% of all t-shirts purchases will be donated to the Danish Cancer Society. + $ 10. for shipping worldwide per T-shirt.

Dame t-shirt - kun i Netto. T-shirten fås i to farver og koster 99 kr. pr. stk., hvoraf 50 kr. går til Kræftens Bekæmpelse. T-shirten sælges kun i Netto fra søndag den 30.9, og så længe lager haves.


indigo said...

Oh Yeah!!! They ARE for sale. I'm so excited!!

What sizes are available? I'd like 2 pink ones pls but let me know what sizes they come in. I usually wear a US Large and want another in US Medium. But if it's cut on the skinny side (more body hugging) I will have to go up one size.

I can hardly wait!! :-)

Kisane in Singapore

The Paper Studio said...


I'd like to get two that equate to a large US in pink. Please let me know.



Heather said...

Are these shirts still for sale? I would like to purchase a few. What a great design!

Sidsel_._ said...

Thanks Heater - the t-shirts were only produced in a limited number and were sold out here in DK within a week.

Guess I should have stocked up on them .)