10 September 2007

First day of Autumn ?

Today looked like this - pretty pattern on my new raincoat by Numph - and rain on my window - and now I wish they would make raincoats like mine for children! There a so many mums around town wearing Danefæ raincoats - and I hope I´ll just stand out a little eventhough I´m fully aware that with this new raincoat I now fit into the MPBSP-category "Mum with Pram or Bicycle trying to be Stylish yet Practical". But I really really like the pattern and colours.


Malene Hald said...

Your raincoat is really cool - I've been looking for someone like this a long time. Will you reveal where you bought it?www.male

Sidsel Gaustadnes said...

It was sold out in most shops - but I found it here .)

Sidsel Gaustadnes said...
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that's it! that's it!! so it was danefae raincoat! I saw the army swan one during our rainy day at Copenhagen, twice! and it was love at first sight, Sidsel. :) Thanks for the tip!

btw, agusta looks like a pretty cool shop!