19 September 2007

Happy Birthday Mum

Today is my mothers birthday - she´s 65 now and will retire from work this Friday. I meant to write a post about what a wonderful and strong woman she is - but I get too emotional. But the special project I´m about to tell you about soon - is something I´ve done to honour her - since she has suffered from breastcancer twice - and have beaten it twice! She´s tougher than the rest - and I´m so happy she is mine. Tillykke Ninnamor.



Sidsel, that's the sweetest post I've ever read in my entire years of blogging. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Hanne said...

Ja, söde Sidsel...... Det er nogle skönne og seje mödre, vi har. De varmeste födselsdagshilsner fra Gruetzi-landet til Ninna-mor!!! Held og lykke med den skönne tid, der kommer!
Sensommer-knus fra Hanne

Leigh said...

This is so nice. I feel the same about my mom. It was just her birthday a few days ago and I posted old pictures too, but I couldn't write too much, in part because I'd get emotional and also because I wouldn't know where to begin!