24 February 2008

Copenhagen Fashion week 2008

This is not a fashion blog- but I´ve followed Copenhagen Fashion Week which ended last week, through Cover´s blog - and I couldn´t resist pulling togethe some of my favorite outfits. The first 2 rows are by Won Hundred,and Rützou, and it seems like black is the new black - especially if you mix lots of different materials. Personally I was happy to see that purple is still going strong, at Stine Goya and Malene Birger and that some designers like Henrik Vibskov still remembers to play - don´t you just love that green and algee-like catwalk. While Copenhagen tries to brand itself as '5th fashion capital' after New York, London, Paris and Milan, clothing exports have now become Denmark´s fourth largest export (after machinery, meat products, dairy products and pharmaceuticals.) Pretty impressive - and this is what people in my city wear.


Gypsy at Heart said...

Next to the new black, apparently plastic looking fabrics are also in. I do love the look of the catwalk at the end. Looks more like a Kryptonite catwalk to me than algae. Either way, it has the cool factor down pat. Very futuristic what they wear in your city.

Joanna Goddard said...

what fun green hair! :)