13 February 2008

Joy Sikorski

Easter is comin up real soon - so here´s a How to Draw a Daffodil and a How to Draw a Rabbit by Joy Sikorski. Joy is the creator of 2 of my favorite books How to Draw a Radish - and other fun things to do at work, and How to Draw a cup of coffee - and other fun ideas for home and garden. If you don´t know this special lady please visit her website - or read this interview with her. For me personally she was a real eye-opener when I first saw hers books in San Francisco 10 year ago. I was so delighted to discover that there are people like her in this world and publishers like Chronicle Books brave enough to publish her, and a market big enough to appreciate her way of playing, drawing and dreaming. Mind you - this was long before the days of blogging - so finding a creative soulmate was more rare back then...

If you are looking for new creative soul-mates or blogs, then Creature Comforts has put together an amazing visual guide to all the best design and style blogs out there. Start here.

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Jennifer Ramos said...

i love this post...I DRAW but this is quite cute for beginners..

Jen Ramos
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