20 February 2008

My new workspace

I´m in the middle of moving into my new studio, see photo in the circle - so I´m busy packing and putting together Ikea furniture in between jobs. I will post pictures of the new space when we are all done - and also tell you a cute little story about the building then. My move is partly because I wish to combine my collages and graphic design more - and hopefully I´ll succeed to do this in my new surroundings which will be a combo of an office-space and studio-space - I´m a lucky girl right! I need a new name to add to Spagat - like Spagat-lab or Spagat design studio - instead of Spagat - grafisk design bureau - and if you have any good suggestions please leave a comment.

The collage above is made a saturday night at a friends dinnertable - drinking wine, chatting, flicking through magazines - and trying to visualize how I wish my new worklife to look. I highly recommend this exercise if you wish to make a move or a change in your life. If you can dream it you can do it!


Hanne Heldner said...

Hvor er det bare fantastisk for dig.....og hvor er jeg dog glad og stolt paa dine vegne...!!!

Held og lykke med det hele!

Lori Langille said...

This is so exciting! Good luck with the move - I'm sure your new space will be inspiring! Love the collage, too!


sabine brandt said...

· { tillykke, det glæder jeg mig til at hører meget mere om ... spagat designstudio lyder skønt ... happy weekend xxoo } ·


I vote for Spagat lab. :)

karline said...

They both sound good. I think I prefer Spagat designstudio since your new work space is a studio dream come true.
Great collage, great blogging!