06 March 2009

3 years of blogging

My blog and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary yesterday. It´s been 3 wonderful years of sharing my inspirations here in a digital sketchbook - and also a personal record for keeping a "diary". It´s been so inspiring to connect with so many fellow bloggers and to experience all the eyecandy and inspiration out there.

When I was younger I travelled a lot and enjoyed meeting new places, people and cultures - and blogging has allowed me to keep doing this from my workdesk - and I truely love the internet for this.

Another highlight has been meeting other bloggers in real life. Everyone has been extremely open friendly and passionate about blogging - and I highly recommend that bloggers make sure to meet in real life whenever possible.

I have many new plans and dreams for the future - one is to improve my blog and to get to know my readers better - and I´ll be so thankful if you will spend 2 minutes to answer this survey.

There´s prizes to win! - I´ll make a draw in 2 weeks time and pick 2 lucky winners, who will recieve a creative goodie bag!

I´ll be back in a weeks time so that you have time to answer and see if you miss my postings :)


siagrafica said...

congrats on the blog anniversary!


Di said...

Congratulations on 3 years of blogging!! I enjoy reading your posts!

Hilde Iren said...

hipp hipp hurra! :) Im always inspired when Ive visit your blog! Great pictures and writing. Your on my inspirationlist!

discourseanddesign said...

Congratulations on three fabulous years!!!
All the best

babelfish said...

Congrats to your 3 years blogging, doesn't time fly by?

Betsey said...

Tillykke Sidsel, du er jo en af veteranerne. Det er rigtigt, at noget af det fedeste ved at blogge er, at man kommer rundt i hele verden, nettet er efter min mening den bedste luksusopfindelse efter telefonen!

Little*s said...

happy 3 for you & your blog ! 3 years of blogging for me too since 29th of March :)