13 March 2009

my wishlist

My blogging break is over - since my birthday is coming up next week, and friends and family wants to know my wishes!:

An organized home and The Dots by Muuto, relaxing hours in front of the fireplace and a rubberbasket for firewood, clean water and a carafe, purifying coal from Sort of Coal, ceramic vases to hold fresh flowers around my home, a nice cup of tea and mugs by Royal Copenhagen, ceramic jewellery and inner beauty, handmade liquorice by Johan Bulow and dinner mats by Ferm.

A colorful life and bracelets by Louise Kragh, clean laundry and a nice basket, travel guides and travels, fun cameras and great motives, soft squirrels and nice walks in the nature, world peace and vases by casalinga!

nåå ja og så alt det fornuftige som stegepander, en wok, gode knive, nye skærebrætter, en voksdug i hørkvalitet og en saftpresser.

Thank to everyone who has answered my survey - It´s still there - and I really enjoy reading your feedback. Have a great weekend.


purple area said...

I like the graphic wishlist, so many nice things. I hope you will get them for your birthday. Nice to have you back posting again.

Trine said...

Jeg hepper på 'Dots' - de er altså så FEDE!
Tillykke med dit jubilæum og din kommende fødselsdag :-)
Kh Trine

karen m. said...

Happy Birthday! I especially like your multicolored wishlist items. Those bracelets are so beautiful, and yes, clean laundry is wonderful--even better if someone else folds and puts it away. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

*SNYdesign said...

Jeg samler på Wallpaper guides for hvert sted jeg besøker. Pynter virkelig opp i reolen:)

Malene Hald said...

"Dots" er også på min ønskeseddel, men det ender nok med en fattigmandsudgave af dem i stedet. Tillykke med jubilæet;)

APO (Bem-Trapilho) said...

love everything! :)