08 June 2009

Pillows for my nieces

This weekend we celebrated the christening of my sister´s babygirl Anna. My present was a pillow from Tulipaner & Tomater with Anna´s name on it - and with a piece of fabric from one of Nanna´s old dresses incorporated (the graphic flowers off course). The other pillow on the photo is for her sister (for her birthday). I ordered two matching pillows since the girls will probably end up sharing a room one day. You can see them both here.

And since "I had hired a pro" to do the sewing - I had time to create a little collage owl to match the pillow - so please notice how some fabric from the pillow is repeated on the owl´s wings - clever right!?

I´m glad my sister had reminded me that she would like an owl for the nursery - because I tend to forget that they actually make a great present - and instead I run out and buy some soft baby stuff. Anyway more owls are on their way to my shop soon.

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