30 June 2009

Wedding planner

Now that my bachelorette party is over - I´m really looking forward to our big wedding party in August (we got married at Christmas). The party will be held at a restaurant inside the local amusement park - and above you can see my moodboards - and our wedding invitation, which I designed to look like a ticket for the amusement park.

I would have loved a letterpress invitation but it´s hard to find a letterpress in Denmark - so instead I printed it on some lovely thick paper on my inkjet printer - and handpunched the top and bottom circles and created a dotted "tear of effect" with a stich marker/paper perforator. The envelopes were handwritten by me - and stamped at the back with a custom made stamp with our names. Easy - simple and very inexpensive compared to a letterpress invitation.

The top and bottom picture is from the restaurant.


Katrine Ny said...

Wauw! Meget, meget inspirerende. Især for én der selv skal holde bryllup meget snart. Er især vild med de hvide balloner på række og jeres invitation - den er virkelig fin!

Di said...

Your invitations are great and the mood board...I love the white balloons above the table - that would be what I would have at my wedding - simple and understated, but looks great!

I am off to a wedding in Basel this summer...it's in a beautiful old cafe in the Botanic Gardens and the bride to be is very creative - I am looking forward to seeing what it looks like!

kari anne marstein said...

Hi - I just gave you an award nominee on my blog:
Have a great summer!
Kari Anne

PS: Jeg fant deg fordi jeg søkte på ordet "spagat" da jeg har websiden www.spagaten.com : )

Betsey said...

Det er en virkelig sjov ide.

Betsey said...

Tænker på: hvor stor er invitationen egentlig sådan cirka?

Sidsel_._ said...

tak - thanks
the white ballons are from Amy Atlas´ homepage.www.amyatlas.com

Invitationen måler ca. 20x8cm.

Jentelus said...

What a cute idea for the invitation! Love it! Beautiful mood board as well!


hey, congratulations, Sidsel!!! :)