03 June 2009

Summerhouse tour

I´ve noticed that I often refer to our weekends in our summerhouse - but forget to explain why I love this spot so much. So here are a few pics from this weekend - just to give you an idea why our little spot is so great.

Fishing for shrimps at the beach, relaxed lunch with lots of fresh fish and new potatoes, surrounded by green, and visits from our family and all their children.


Di said...

I can understand why! I went to Copenhagen a couple of summers ago and went up the coast and just loved all the summer houses on the beach - do you know any single Danish men who wouldn't mind a feisty Scottish lass ;0)

Sidsel_._ said...

Hi Di
I´m sorry I don´t really know any single men - but I´m sure they are out there and can be charmed by scottish feistiness!