01 September 2009

Love your home

I´ve been waiting for this book to be published - it´s titled Elsk dit hjem -Love your home -and looks amazing and inspiring - with tons of tips and beautiful photos on how to create the perfect home for you! - you can have a look here.

It´s written in Danish by Feng Shui expert Ranvita la Cour - and I plan to find my own copy today - because our apartment needs a little love before the "indoor-season" starts. I love the way Ranvita writes and thinks about interior design - and Sabine has done a great job designing the book!
p.s just got my copy of the book and it´s truely wonderful.


lutterlagkage said...

Hvor ser den bare skøn ud. Måske en tur til Dnmark og en boghandler værd ;) Den er jo nok ikke at finde her i Malmö endnu.

melissa deakin said...


this book looks incredible.
is it possible to get it online? i'm in the US.
thanks so much!