16 September 2009

Trendy trees

I spotting a trend here - with big branches used as interior decorations - I guess it´s not a new thing - but in these photos from Sandbox Studio - and Tine K - they have got it just right!

Yesterday a huge man on a bike crashed into Nanna and I on our way to kindergarden - my bike now needs a new backwheel and my bruised and shocked body really needs the long and luxurious treament at this Spa , which was booked weeks ago - I guess that´s what you call perfect timing!


Hazel Terry said...

Bows of silver birch in interiors are stunning and very Scandinavian

HanneC said...

Rigtig god bedring med de blå mærker - og rigtig god tur :-)

Rakel said...

Fin blog.. :)
Jeg har længe haft en lærkegrn i stuen, pyntet med alverdens forskellige sager skiftende alt efter årstiden.. :)

Tanja Gaustad van Zaanen said...

Hey Sidsel,

I hope you and Nanna are ok. Bike crashes can be nasty... :( Enjoy the spa - I'm sure you will feel much better afterwards.

Take care and a big hug,