09 September 2009

pretty book covers

I saw these amazing bookcovers by design student Michael Kosmicki at Poppytalk yesterday. And I immediately wanted to make something similar for all our books at home. Well maybe not all of them - but for those we keep around like our huge collection of Lonely Planet guidebooks.

I´m always in doubt when it comes to storing books - I´m both drawn to having a big library wall at home - but also to the Feng-shui concept of letting go of books that you´ve already read and won´t read again - so that they don´t take up "space" for new books and new knowledge.

Well here´s a blog dedicated to bookshelves, bookcases and things that look like them.


Katarina said...

Hi:-) I have been looking on your site and I have to say - I love you blog. Its so inspirating and you make lots of pretty thing:-) Have a nice evening:-)

Rdekko said...

Hi there, i honestly find your blog f-a-b-u-l-u-s. So cute and white. I like your flair of blogging. So I am an international blogger too and the only deco-blog in my country, can you believe it? If you like take a walk to meet me.