27 May 2006

4 X about me

Time to introduce myself at Self Portrait Challenge...
4 names I respond to:
Sidsel, Sissi, Sysal, mom
4 jobs I´ve had:
Barista at a Restaurant in Florence, Cleaning at a hospital in Vejle, DK
Babysitting in New Zealand, Working as a grapich designer in DK
4 places I´ve lived:
Basel, Schwitzerland. Højer, Denmark.
Florence, Italy. Christchurch, New Zealand
4 TV- shows I love:
Friends, Sex and The City, Desperate Housewifes, Lille Nørd.
4 places I´ve vacationed:
Thailand, Fiji, Lapland, Greenland
4 of my favorite dishes:
anything Thai, anything Italian,
anything organic, anything prepared with love
4 sites I visit daily:
TV2.dk, Morgendagens heltinder,
Oh Joy, Designsponge + many other blogs!
4 languages I speak:
Danish, English, Italian, German

1 comment:

ana ventura said...

Nice to meet you!