03 May 2006

Robert Rauschenberg + me

I love Robert Rauschenberg and I can´t wait to go and see his exhibition this weekend at our local art museum, Aros.
Robert Rauschenberg On and Off the Wall focuses on paintings and sculptures from the 1980s to the mid 1990s, when he set about exploring the reflective, textural, sculptural and thematic possibilities of metal. The materials used include found metal objects - often scrap metal - and his own photographs, silk-screened on panels of steel, aluminium, bronze and copper. The exhibition presents a total of 79 works.


Lisa said...

when he came to the san francisco museum of modern art i fell in love with his work too. it's truly amazing in person.

Jessica said...

I was lucky enough to see his big exhibition at the MET recently and got to see his famous pieces. The Ram, bed, and others were there from his career. I first got into him years ago when I saw his celebrity screen printing exhibition at the Whitney. He really does lovely work