29 May 2006

Sofie's bikeride challenge

My dear friend Sofie has just decided to raise £2,000. to Maternity Worldwide. We went to High School together and she now lives in Brigthon and is the mother of four lovely kids. She will by joining Maternity Worldwide's Ethiopian bikeride challenge this Autumn, and will be biking 350 km to visit the charity's Safe Mother projects in Gimbie for which she is raising funds.
The facts are compelling
-each year 585000 women worldwide die in pregnancy. This is comparable to a jumbo jet full of pregnant women dying every four minutes
-within Ethiopia the lifetime risk of dying in pregnancy is one in 14, in comparison to a risk of one in 16000 in developed countries
-in Ethiopia less than 10% of mothers are assisted by a skilled birth attendant, compared to nearly a 100% in the developed world
-as little as £15 will help ensure a safe childbirth in Gimbie, Western Ethiopia

Knowing Sofie I´m convinced she will achieve every goal she sets her mind to - I´m so proud to call her my friend and you can support her here!

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