18 March 2009

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday - and the sun was shining all day. But I woke up feeling really sad and sorry for myself - I´ll be 40 next year and that my dear makes you think! But the day turned out great - with breakfast in the sun outside our studio with Line who gave me the painting below, titled FLY. Nanna gave me the best present ever - a cushion she had embroidered and a homemade card with flowers and hearts. I gave myself the Gloriosa flower above - and the day ended with vietnamese take-away at home with a group of great girlfriends and a game on my new WII-fit.

Today I feel a lot better and the sun is still shining.


Di said...

Happy Birthday!! Don't worry - I'll be 40 this year (and still single!) But it's not all that bad - my mother's been telling us all that 70 is the new 50 so 40 must be the new 30!!

karen m. said...

Happy Birthday and glad that your special day was wonderful. I am convinced 40 will be fantastic too. Enjoy the last year of 30s and warm wishes for happiness.