14 January 2007

The glass aquarium

It´s no secret that I love sea creatures of all kinds. So today I went to see the wonderful glass creations by Leopold + Rudolf Blaschka at the local museum of natural history ( which I named The Stuffed Museum as a child :). During the late 19th century, father and son produced beautifully detailed glass models of exotic plants and bizarre sea creatures for natural history museums and aquaria all over the world. The models are tiny and so precise in scale, colour and form - and have been called "An artistic marvel in the field of science and a scientific marvel in the field of art.” Make sure to see this touring exhibition by design museum if it comes your way - or see the collection of 3000 glass flowers at Harvard Museum of Natural History.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I love this! It is so beautiful and I can imagine it sitting right on my mantel above my desk.

I use to love to go handle the sea creatures at the aquarium...alwyas one of my favorite destinations!