21 January 2007

hearts and helmets

Here´s a part of a painting I did almost 2 years ago - as a wedding commision. I have a new wedding commision coming up and have also joined the Freepeoples Valentines Swap. So tomorrow will be all about being creative with collages and paint :)
Another plan for tomorrow is to buy a bicycle helmet - I used to hate them and think they look really stupid on grown ups - Nanna wears one off cause. But this friday morning while riding with Nanna on my bike to day nursery - a girl opened her car-door while we were passing and BANG - Me, Nanna and bike were flat on the ground in the middle of the street. No cars or busses at that moment and no head-injuries or broken bits - but a great shock, an aching body and a huge gratitude because we were lucky after all. So let me know if you know where to get a rad helmet - and go get one for yourself if you don´t have one already.

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