11 January 2007

trend forecast 2007

Urban Dreamer: Shades of Blue, Repetitive Patterns, Embossed & Embellished surfaces, Relaxed & Streamlined.

Natural Dreamer: Colours of Nature, Playing with reversible & double cloth, Harmonies of light neutrals, Heavy knits.

Global dreamer: Qualities that make us feel safe. Dreaming of adventures. A palette of midtones. High & low effects.

Some weeks ago I designed these trend-collages for Autum/Winter 2007-08, based on Pinklemons trendforecasts. We share the same office and I love being surrounded by all their fashion & trend magazines and stuff. The collages are just for fun to inspire my clients, me and you!

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great work, sidsel! It must be fun to work with clients like that. :)