10 January 2007

Jetlag out - blogging in

Here´s my favorite shot from our holidays - since it´s has a great 3D effect - and the view was actually great!
I´m still suffering from jetlag after 1 week at home, but can now hit the keyboard without feeling nauseous - which is great since I´ve missed blogging and have so much to share with you.
I enjoy the whole thing about starting a new year, buying a new calendar and reading horoscopes about what to expect and I have a few New Years Resolutions this year as always.
1. To stop smoking the easy way!
- big success so far :)
2. To keep blogging - and redesign my blog
- not sure yet to use wordpress or typepad - any advice?
3. To do more creative projects together with my daughter, Nanna.
- to teach her the joy of colors and creativity
4. To stay in touch with my old friends around the world.
- last year was all about starting my own business Spagat, discovering new blogs and new friend, this year I´ll focus on my old friends as well - guess it would be so much easier if they started to read my blog :)
5. To be healthy and spend more time outdoors.

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