30 August 2007

Feeling Purple

I fell in love with a purple sofa at Ikea today, and made this moodboard to see if the colour would work in our new Summerhouse (I think it will). Afterwards I discovered that the colours were almost the same as my pattern colours for the scarf project - from which the pattern above is a "leftover" - so it´s for sale!
The patchwork pattern in the middle is by Andrea Larsson - gotta love it!


eduardo waghorn said...

My God, so wonderful pics!
Sailing in blogosphere i found your interesting and original blog...
Let me read it with calm,using my translator...
Anyway, I want to send you a warm hug from Chile.
Visit me if you want and send me your comment, even on danish, that sounds so sweet:)
Keep blogging

resp0gsm said...